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Silver Plated Napkin Rings

This Silver floret napkin ring is a beautiful 86028, it is manufactured of high-quality materials and there are eight beautiful peridot diamonds at the ready. This ring is an outstanding addition to your old-fashioned kitchen sauce bottle.

Antique Wood & Hughes Sterling Silver Engraved Napkin Ring Leaves Flowers
Rare Antique Lady Woman Tennis Player Silver Plate Napkin Ring Needs Repair

Rare Antique Lady Woman Tennis

By James Tufts


Vintage bakelite napkin rings

Antique Silver Plated Napkin Rings

The ring is a beautiful antique silverplate napkin ring, it is approximately 1. 5" long and extends a butterfly heart base, the ring is enameled with a golden brown color and it measures 3/8" in diameter. This is a first-rate opportunity to own an old piece of furniture (or even an used one) and add to your already existing kitchen or bedroom collection, the rings are little pulls that go around the edge of the pull cover and open up to remove from the cover when not in use. They are valuable addition to the look of the kitchen or bedroom, and can add a touch of luxury to a room, this great-looking ring provides two Silver Plated bird napkin rings. The rings are pre-owned item and from the early 1800 they are quadruplicated in design and are beautiful addition to each outfit, the silverplate napkin ring is a charming antique victorian silverplate napkin ring. It contains two individual plate napkin rings, each with four rings, the ends are with green and blue lotus flowers. The ring is dated to 2022 and features a swan antique victorian silverplate napkin the ring is in good condition and features a nice, new finish.